Health Exchange Depot of California is a Covered California Certified Agent

Individuals and Families

In the past, finding the right Individual and Family Insurance was a daunting task with a plethora of options and combinations that can cause a person to just give up when shopping around. Now let’s add the Affordable Care Act to the mix and add even more confusions.; Penalties for not having coverage, special eligibility requirements, Advanced Premium Tax Credits  (APTC),  Federal Poverty Level (FPL), Cost Sharing Reductions (CSR), Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI), Employer requirements, The Exchange (Covered California), new Medi-Cal eligibility Rules (January 1, 2014), New Metal Tier based plan options and many more. Now what do we do?

At the Health Exchange Depot of California we understand that Insurance can be tough to figure out, but we want to offer you the opportunity to receive the help we feel you deserve, at no cost to you. You might be asking yourself, “How can we offer our helpful services at no cost?” Well, we are paid directly by the carriers. This means that whether you chose to buy your coverage directly with a carrier, or allow us to  spend quality time with you to help tailor the best plans that meet your needs, it still costs the same. We can present you with a list of options that can be easy to understand, making it easier for you to make a wise and well-educated decision.

What about Covered California? Can I sign up on my own? Can I use an Enrollment Counselor?

Of course! You can do all of the above, but beware! Covered California Offers help to consumers by providing Certified Enrollment Counselors and their Call Centers.  That is great and all but, Enrollment Counselors are not Licensed Insurance agents through The Department of Insurance and they do not have multiple years of experience and they do not hold Errors and Omissions coverage. Professional Insurance agents understand all facets of coverage, eligibility concerns, plan design nuances, provider specific situations, and more; all based on working in this industry for a long period of time and learning all about the health insurance market…  Certified Enrollment Counselors did receive limited one-time training on their plans and eligibility, but usually can’t compare to the expertise of a professional agent.  Covered California has plenty of trained people in their call centers but the wait times can be a nightmare, often experiencing 30 minutes to 2 hours on hold, and their call centers do not build a client relationship with you. To them, you are just a number.  One of the hundreds of calls they handle each week.

We are first professional, licensed and insured insurance agents, and second, Certified Insurance Agents through Covered California. This means that we are Licensed through the Department of Insurance after exhaustive training and testing. We are required to have ongoing Continuing Education in our field, and we have Errors and Omissions Coverage. We have also been trained extensively on the Covered California system. We know how Covered California works and we can help see if you qualify for financial assistance, cost sharing reductions, or Medi-Cal. Even if you or your family do not qualify for Premium subsidies, or Medi-Cal we can help you make the best decision on the plan that fits your needs. Whether it be through Covered California or “Off-exchange” direct with a carrier.  We know the entire market, “on-exchange’ or “off-exchange” and we are willing to share that knowledge with you.

Do I have to get my coverage from Covered California?

Of course not! Coverage can be purchased directly with carriers “Off-Exchange” or “On-Exchange” through Covered California. But remember, Covered California is the only place to apply for Advanced Premium Tax Credits, and Cost Sharing Reductions.

So how do you get help?

Contact Us! Let us help you make an informed decision about your Family’s Healthcare and Insurance needs, “ON or OFF-Exchange.”