Health Exchange Depot of California is a Covered California Certified Agent

Why Consider Offering Benefits to your Employees?

Benefits offered to Employees can lead to a more successful business in the long run. A great, well thought out benefits package will help your business attract and retain Quality Employees, it has also been shown that a good health plan can reduce Absenteeism and improve the overall morale of your employees.
As a business owner, it is sometimes possible to receive your personal benefits at a lower cost than if you were to buy them on your own.
Finally the best part about it, is that Businesses will get a break on their taxes by deducting plan contributions.

Depending on the plans chosen, the medical benefits of a group plan can potentially have lower deductibles and/or lower “Out of pocket Maximums” offering a much better benefit to the employees rather than them having to find and purchase their own Coverage.

Let your Employees know that you genuinely care for them and show that by offering them a benefits package

Products offered:

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s)
Long and Short Term Disability
Voluntary/Worksite Benefits
Pre-Paid Legal
Wellness Programs
and more…

How can I get a Quote?

At The Health Exchange Depot and Advanced Benefit Consulting, we offer superior Client Service and Account Management, including group and one-on-one benefit counseling, regular field visits to assist in the enrollment of new hires, and claim’s management.  Our customized Employee Enrollment Kits make the jobs of Human Resources managers easier than ever before. Please Contact Us for a Free Personal consultation, and a Customized Quote with the best options for you, your business, and most importantly your employees, because without them you probably wouldn’t have a business to run.

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Additional and Complementary Group Services Offered


We offer complimentary compliance assistance in the areas of ERISA (complimentary Wrap Documents to assure your fully insured health plan is ERISA compliant), HIPAA Portability Notices, Notices of Privacy Practices and other Privacy Forms.

For enhanced education, we offer complimentary attendance at each of our Employer Educational Seminars.  Topics include the Affordable Care Act (ACA), HIPAA Privacy, and other topics.


  • Superior Customer Service and Account Management
  • Client Education and Informative Seminars
  • Legislative Updates
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Newsletters and Fax Communications
  • Customized Open Enrollment Kits
  • Competitive Bidding for Each Renewal



  • Complimentary Plan Document “Wrap Document” Preparation, including Summary Plan Description master documents (valued at $1,500 to $2,500 and required by ERISA)*
  • Complimentary CMS Medicare Part D client filings
  • Complimentary ACA Education Seminars
  • Complimentary HIPAA Privacy Training
  • Complimentary HIPAA Portability Notices and HIPAA Privacy Notices

*Requires a 1-2 year brokerage contract depending on size